The Most Important Technology Integration Is People

October 17, 2018
In the same way that prescription medications can’t work if a patient doesn’t take them, technology isn’t effective if it isn’t adopted and incorporated into the routine of people’s lives in a meaningful way. Henk van Houten, the Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Royal Philips expressed this same difficulty in [...]

How a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) Improves Patient Experience

October 9, 2018
Patient engagement and patient experience are two different principles that are intricately intertwined. Engagement encompasses empowering an individual patient to actively participate in their own healthcare to improve overall health and outcomes. This role may also be conducted by patient family members or caregivers. Patient experience is [...]

Data as a Driver for Interactive Technology

September 27, 2018
Data and analytics is a growing knowledge area able to help steer innovation and create process improvement. To date, the health care industry has not fully grasped the potential benefits to be gained from big data analytics.1[...]

Leadership Spotlight: Austin Winberg, Director of Clinical Outcomes

September 20, 2018
Meet Austin Winberg, our Clinical Outcomes Director. He leads SONIFI Health’s clinical strategy as well as directs the implementation of studies & data collection and assists with reporting & analytics technology. [...]

Mom and Baby Education Should Be More Than Paperwork

September 10, 2018
Discharge from the hospital with a new baby is an exciting, but also scary time for new parents. Not only are they going home to care for a newborn without the safety net of the hospital staff who guided them through the first few days, they also need to be aware of potential postpartum complications for new mother. The education a family [...]

Using Dashboards: How Real Time Data Informs Clinical Care

August 22, 2018
Clinical dashboards use patient data to give staff a snapshot look at how a patient is doing and what might be needed next in someone’s care. These real-time tools make it easier to monitor patients, prioritize care and manage engagement materials. Leadership reporting tools can also unify and track processes to help drive a hospital toward [...]

Health Technology for Boomers and Beyond

August 14, 2018
Baby boomers and older generations often get stereotyped as technology challenged or even opposed to technology. It is ironic considering they are actually the developers and first adopters of much of our daily use technology—microwaves, music players, ATMs, and cell phones—Boomers used the first iPhones.1, 2  [...]
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