The Struggles for Patients to Complete Their Education

March 14, 2019
Not fully completing patient education reduces patients’ understanding of their disease process, procedures or what is expected of them to participate in their care. The repercussions of patients not understanding their health and healthcare needs can be costly and devasting. Patients can see rapid declines in health from not understanding [...]

The Value of Positive Distraction During Lengthy Stays

February 26, 2019
As a nurse, I have often asked myself, “what can I do to make my patients’ stay more comfortable?”  This becomes even more important for those experiencing a long hospital stay.[...]

Leadership Spotlight: Andy Anderson, Director of Product Management

February 1, 2019
Meet Andy Anderson, our Director of Product Management. He leads product strategy and development by leveraging new technology for the healthcare setting. [...]

Leveraging Patient Screening Tools on an Interactive System

January 29, 2019
The use of screening tools to identify high-risk patients and better allocate hospital resources is a familiar process in most healthcare settings. Common screening examples include: Patient Activation Measures, Intimate Partner Violence, post-partum depression, and social determinants of health. However, the screening process does have some [...]

Patient Privacy and SONIFI Health

January 10, 2019
Privacy is something we all worry about in our lives. We worry about our bank accounts, credit cards, health information and many more areas where our personal information is being shared. Most of us believe that our health information is private and should be protected. Patients and providers alike worry about personal health data. SONIFI [...]

Interactive Engagement Offers Benefits Beyond the Hospital Stay

December 20, 2018
An interactive engagement solution can benefit more than the patient who is in the hospital bed. This technology can be useful for generating awareness of Patient and Family Advisory Councils and setting care and recovery expectations for family members.[...]

Not home for the holidays—Tips for working at Christmas

December 11, 2018
As cheerful as the holiday season is, we know working in a hospital around Christmas can be difficult. As hospital staff, you not only carry the weight of it being an extra emotional time for patients and their families, you also must cope with being away from your own friends and families.[...]
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