Patient Experience Matters

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April 22, 2019

The Beryl Institute defines patient experience as “the sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization's culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care.” Technology isn’t always the first thing associated with positive patient experience, but wires and circuits can connect more than devices—they can connect people.

Connecting for care

Leveraging-Patient-ScreeningTools-Blog_012919When patients stay more connected to their care, they have a more positive experience. Using an interactive patient engagement solution offers more touchpoints! Using the in-room TV or a mobile device, patients can see their schedules, their care teams, and they can learn more about their conditions and medications anytime by accessing education materials. Plus, they have more frequent communication with staff using onscreen messages, surveys, and requests.

Technology can be personal and comfortable. It enhances care by giving the patient more autonomy while also ensuring they never feel alone.

Patients gave the SONIFI Health platform a 96% Satisfaction rating and 79% of patients said they better understood their health condition because of it.

How technology helps

PatientEngagementOne of the biggest benefits of patient engagement technology is the efficiencies it creates. Nurses spend less time on things like assigning education and routing requests for maintenance or housekeeping. This gives them more time for direct patient care. Patient satisfaction is largely influenced by meaningful time with staff.

When patients can do things like order meals, change the temperature in their rooms, and report flickering lightbulbs without assistance, they feel more in control. When patients can access education any time, they can opt to learn when they feel most alert, re-watch portions, and even review with a family member. Being better informed encourages more communication and more participation in care planning. Patients have a better experience when they are comfortable with what to expect after they leave the care facility and feel confident in how to care for themselves.

Nurses rated interactive education solution 4+/5 for allowing them to spend more time with patients addressing their needs.

It makes business sense

The first goal of every care facility is, of course, to provide quality care. But better patient experience also assists with fiscal responsibility. Patients who have a positive care experience are less stressed and more likely to comply with their wellness plan. Satisfied patients refer others. Unsatisfied patients find other healthcare providers and leave poor reviews.

Reimbursements and profitability directly tie to better patient experience. It truly does matter to all.

See how SONIFI Health improves the patient experience!

Author: SONIFI Health

SONIFI Health delivers interactive patient engagement applications through the TV or tablet that encourage active patient participation along the continuum of care to promote healthy lifestyle choices and improved patient outcomes.