Happier Patients by Managing Expectations

May 24, 2018
When focusing on treating the patient as a consumer, healthcare sometimes loses sight of a simple, valuable principle that produces satisfied and compliant patients—setting proper expectations. Dr. Larry Golson puts it this way: “Patient dissatisfaction usually involves unmet assumptions that were not delivered on. Even if you never discuss [...]

5 Exciting Advancements of Virtual Reality (VR) in Healthcare

May 8, 2018
Using today’s VR technology in the healthcare field, medical professionals bring innovative advancements into the operating room and revolutionize patient care. Virtual reality in healthcare is changing the game completely.[...]

Hospital Whiteboards: Past, Present and Future

April 26, 2018
Whiteboards have been a part of the communication process in hospitals for over thirty years. I personally have used whiteboards for most of my nursing career and have found it to be an effective communication tool. Although originally used as a communication tool between staff, the whiteboard has transformed into a valuable resource for [...]

More, Better Communication: One Impact of Interactive Patient Engagement Technology

April 11, 2018
Can interactive technology provide the simple, immediate communication experience patients desire and the positive influence care providers expect from patient engagement? Yes—it is designed for both users. More and better communication is a key component in the way interactive patient engagement systems are impactful.[...]

Patient Video Education Can Be Part of an Effective Learning Strategy

March 27, 2018
Today’s patient education is media rich and no longer limited to printed pamphlets and plastic anatomy models. Video education offers engaging interaction including 3D visuals, real patient stories, medication images, equipment demonstrations, digital checklists and child-friendly animations as some of its informative options.[...]

Onsite Prescription Fulfillment and Readmissions

March 20, 2018
Readmissions are frustrating to patients and costly for hospitals. Medication adherence is a leading cause of preventable readmissions. SONIFI Health’s Pharmacy Notification feature alerts patients to onsite pharmacy services and allows them to self-enroll into bedside prescription delivery programs.[...]

Improved Discharge Planning and Checklists with SONIFI Health

March 15, 2018
Discharge planning begins the day a patient is admitted to a hospital. The process includes all those involved in the patient’s care – nurses, social workers, care managers, family and the patient (National Center On Caregiving, 2016). The discharge checklist is a comprehensive list of the patients’ needs to transition to the next level of [...]
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