Cheryl Cruver

Cheryl Cruver is the Chief Revenue Officer for SONIFI Health. In this role since 2019, she leads sales strategy and develops client relationships as a long-term partner to leading health systems, IDNs, providers, and channel partners, domestically and internationally. Cheryl holds Master of Public Administration/Health Services Administration degree and has 20+ years of leadership experience in the healthcare technology industry.
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Accelerate the Value of Your EHR with Patient-facing EHR Integrations and Efficient Solutions

April 16, 2019
For many health systems, implementing an EHR was a monumental task exhausting to both human and financial resources. Most facilities have now succeeded at creating a functional EHR—yet based on the effort expended to implement it and the potential of leveraging the data it contains, the value of the EHR is largely unrealized and now mature [...]